About Prue

I am a painter. My whole approach seeks to capture the multi faceted layers and
non topical colour that exists within us all. It is a search for an essential humanness, and therefore faces are not recorded, but hinted at; a sense of universality and truth. My work is about trying to understand how we are perceived, how that is informed and whether that fleeting perception is important. The paintings use, and embody, strength and frailty, energy and movement and a self imposed position of uncertainty is part of this.

Faced with a beautiful view - the way in which we seem to measure, display, judge ourselves - my reaction is to turn and find something hidden and less apparent. The physicality of placing colour on a surface, in ways that express or communicate is a vital part of why I paint and has developed from a need to find a language that connects beyond the immediate.

"The colours of my life growing up in Africa
still influence my work as do the immense
landscapes and dry rugged earthiness
of hot skies"