Here is a selection of written feedback from Prue's Solo Exhibition
Aspects and Perceptions - Exhibition

Solo Exhibition

"Beautiful use of color and your use of composition and light are stunning to look at. The subtlety of the female form really touched me"

"The use of materials has a spontaneity and energy which I enjoy very much..."

"Felt expression at its best ....."

"Lovely to see such a large body of your work - really wonderful exhibition. Love the marks, love the layers and your use of colour is perfect."

"Beautiful fluid paintings with expression and movement"

"Love the experimentation with textures and media - especially the wax-ink flows - something very primal. Also the sharp fine lines that surprise."

"This has inspired me ......"

"Your palette is wonderful, and I love your sure, sinuous line. I shall learn from them ...."

"Restful and thought provoking, whilst being beautiful and inspiring to be kinder"

"What a beautiful expression of the human form in all its natural beauty - unique use of colour reflecting hidden aspects of humankind"

"An unusual yet impressive exhibition"

"This is amazing, beautiful - looking at this made me smile inside"

"Great to see a lot of the series together, particularly like the ochre colours"

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